10 ways we sabotage and what to do about it

10 ways in which you are sabotaging yourself


#1 Perfectionism

  • Playing the game of perfectionism is a sure way to never achieve anything or get better at anything because your all or nothing thinking tells you unless X is perfect, why bother so you never start anything in the first place and of course never can gain mastery at something you don’t start or put out there.
  • Solutions:
    • BEGIN!! Start somewhere and keep revising and improving as you go along
    • Remember that NO ONE is perfect and nothing will ever be perfect. Start with good enough and do your best (ie provide value for example) and continue to improve as you practice more.
    • Focus more on your presence, your engagement, your service than on doing it perfectly. People will remember you more for how you made them feel and how connected and engaged you were than for how “perfectly” you think you did something.

#2 Immediate results & gratification

    • We often want IMMEDIATE results and want to see changes happen overnight and when inevitably that does not happen we QUIT really before even starting. We don’t allow ourselves to even put any real effort or commitment or dedication into that thing and so we sabotage ourselves.
    • Solutions:
      • Focus on the next small step/win/accomplishment you’d like to see happen for yourself
      • Celebrate every single small win along the way because those are the building blocks that will eventually lead to the bigger result you desire. Every small decision you make in direction of your goal is a WIN!
      • Setting small goals and achieving them also helps boost your confidence levels and increase your motivation to continue moving forward.
      • Compare your progress to your own baseline, not someone else’s.  Appreciate how far you’ve come

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