Mitsou Handal, LCSW


Mitsou Handal, LCSW

Mitsou has the following professional qualifications:

  • Certified Health, Life, & Transformational Coach
  • Mastery Coach (Transformational Coaching Method)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Florida
  • Qualified Supervisor in state of Florida
  • Burnout Prevention Specialist
About     Mitsou

It is Mitsou’s mission to help her clients go from overwhelm and exhaustion to feeling reignited, reenergized, and rebalanced. Her clients begin living with passion and purpose again. The most generous gift her clients learn to give to themselves is the gift of self-care. This creates a beautiful ripple effect into every area of their lives.

Mitsou received her Bachelors in Psychology from the American University in Washington DC. In 2006, she completed her Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago. She has worked as a full-time therapist for over 12 years, having worked with some of the most vulnerable populations; she has specialized in opiate addiction counseling with adults, and intensive family therapy sessions with adolescents residing in a secure residential facility for severe emotional and behavioral issues.

Additionally, she has experience in the outpatient setting, having worked in a private practice setting with couples on the verge of divorce, and adults struggling with mood disorders. Mitsou has also had a passion for healthy living and wellness for as long as she can remember. She is a big believer in being a role model to her clients and leading by example. One of her guiding principles is that she would never ask a client to do anything she is not willing to do herself or had not already done herself. Mitsou has a remarkable ability to “tell it like it is” to her clients while simultaneously showing them empathy, understanding, and compassion. Her clients have come to really appreciate this loving, direct approach from her as well as her sense of humor!

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My   Burnout    Story

Before I share a bit about how my story relates to burnout, I am here to tell you that you can be a successful, fulfilled, energized healthcare professional AND take good care of yourself too. I am living proof it is possible.

I know that this may sound impossible to you right now. I know it is possible because I have helped other healthcare professionals reignite their passion, energy, and fulfillment in their careers and in their lives while taking better care of themselves. How is that possible? Simple. I have utilized a customized process and system that has not only remedied job related burnout, it has also helped to reignite one’s energy and passion while making time for self-care, a successful mindset, as well as healthy boundaries, and a healthier lifestyle.

You see... I was a full-time therapist for over 12 years working in stressful, intensive, fast paced workplace settings. Many healthcare professionals around me would get burnt out. I would get asked over and over by family and friends, “how do you do that kind of work every day without burning out?” I honestly never really gave it much thought before but then one day I decided to investigate this question.

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My background as a  Certified Health and Life Coach, Licensed Therapist (specifically I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker ( LCSW), on top of years of experience seeing people with so much pain because of NOT telling themselves the truth about what they want, has allowed me to powerfully engage with my clients' vision and goals helping them truly shine from within.

Frequently    Asked    Questions

I am not a healthcare professional but would like to talk to you. Can you help me?

It is very likely that I can help you however it is in your best interest to first book a consultation with me via phone where we would both determine by the end of the call if we are an excellent match working together or not. I would honestly let you know if my services would be the best to help you get the results you desire. If my services are not an ideal match for you, I would do my best to provide you an appropriate referral and/or other recommendations that can support you on your journey. The beauty of having a consultation is that you will walk away with so much valuable clarity and insight so that regardless of what happens next, you will not walk away feeling as though your time was wasted.

What is your specialty?

Since becoming a 4 time certified Coach, I now specialize in helping heart-centered healthcare professionals who are passionate about what they do but are tired of feeling depleted and burnt-out. I help them experience better work-life balance and create their next level of well-being & success with ease. Overall, I love working & collaborating with clients who are fully invested, committed, and ready to upgrade whatever area of their life that is no longer serving them. My ideal clients are coachable, are prepared to take consistent action towards their goals, have a growth mindset, and they show up to sessions fully ready to do the work so that they can get the results they desire to have!

What are some areas of your expertise?

Some areas of my expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Listening very attentively and intuitively to you and your particular concern and breaking it down into small, manageable steps (this helps to keep overwhelm and confusion at bay, which means more action and more results)
  • Quickly lasering in on the root cause of the problem that keeps your presenting concerns happening over and over again (this helps you access the real cause of the problem and actually change it so you don't stay in the same endless patterns forever!)
  • Knowing with accuracy exactly what you need to prioritize and focus on next and in exactly what order (this helps you stay laser focused & take consistent action on the most important things that will lead to results)
  • Establishing and maintaining excellent healthy boundaries during the coach-client relationship means that both client & coach are fully aware of the expectations that make this relationship function at its best and both parties take responsibility for maintaining those conditions that ultimately results in a really successful coaching relationship
  • Serving as a positive, authentic role model so that you can feel confident that you are working with a proven professional who not only "talks her talk," but "walks her walk" inside and outside of coaching sessions, and also understands you deeply
  • Lovingly challenging & stretching you beyond your comfort zone so that you can continue to take consistent action and grow into the person you desire

I take a leadership role during every coaching session to nonjudgmentally guide you in the best direction forward, to anticipate any potential roadblocks that might get in your way down the road, and to proactively plan for your success, always taking into account your particular vision and best interests. I have a high level of integrity and will respectfully & authentically say what needs to be said for your betterment, even if it may not always be easy to hear.

What makes you so different from so many other coaches out there?

One of the ways I stand out is my extensive clinical background as a full-time therapist having worked successfully with some of the most resistant, challenging cases from opiate addiction to severe psychiatric cases, to families in conflict, to couples in distress, to adults with anger management issues and so on… this extensive clinical background coupled with my mastery level coaching skills makes for a great combination and means that my clients get so much more value from the work that we do together!

In addition to my clinical background, I am also multi-cultural and multi-lingual. I am extremely passionate about what I do and infuse my contagious, positive, authentic energy into everything that I do! That being said, I do not shy away from having difficult conversations that will benefit my clients but welcome them as an opportunity for growth. I am an expert at being comfortable with the uncomfortable which helps my clients build this muscle as well.

How can I benefit from individual coaching sessions?

Individual coaching sessions (via phone) with me gives you a customized & individualized system of support, accountability, tools, and strategies that are tailored specifically to your unique challenges, stressors, circumstances, and strengths in order to help you achieve your long-term goals with ease and self-care instead of overwhelm. With a customized game plan that we strategize together (this game plan includes both my professional expertise coupled with your personal wisdom, as you are the expert of your own personal experience!) You will have a coach who is by your side every step of the way to support you, listen to you without judgment, challenge you & stretch you (respectfully!), offer you guidance, and even give you some tough love when needed, and most importantly hold you accountable to the vision and goals you have chosen for yourself so that you can stay consistent with your goals and make them a reality.

How do I know when I am ready to hire a coach?

Individual coaching is most beneficial when you are feeling motivated, committed, and ready to make a change with the guidance of a professional. Being uncomfortable and scared is okay so long as you are willing to be coachable and take action forward despite the fear. When you are beginning to let your desire for what you WANT be bigger than what you don’t want-- that is an excellent sign! No matter what area of your life you want to change or up level, hiring the right coach is one of the best ways to accelerate your results, period! You will receive more powerful results from coaching when you enter every session prepared, truly present, engaged, and open to receiving coaching and feedback. You will also get better results when you take 100% responsibility and feel empowered that you have the choice, the ability, and the possibility to change what you don’t like or desire anymore in your life.

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I believe that it is your time to feel reignited, reenergized, and rebalanced in your life again.

I believe that, together, we can get you there.

Book the call that's right for you, here.