How to change your mindset

How to Change Your Mindset and Stop Bad Habits


What if there was a better way to live? One where every day you woke up with your mind+body+soul aligned, ready to take on the world as a complete and content person? What if you started asking how to change your mindset and prepared yourself to shine from within? 

I started with these questions because I want you to start looking deep inside yourself. I know it’s scary to face the truth. I know it’s uncomfortable to acknowledge that things aren’t going well and you need to make a change. But I am here to take that journey alongside you. Everything I recommend and urge you to do, I had to do myself. 

I know what it’s like to be living an unhealthy life — emotionally and physically. But through a lot of research and hard work on myself, I was able to break free. Now I am sharing that knowledge with you because you deserve to live a whole, authentic, fulfilled life. I have four ways how to change your mindset. These four are big, life-changing, habit-redefining benchmarks. I have how-tos on each one so that you can learn to practice these daily, starting right now.

Change the way you speak to yourself

Oftentimes, we are our own worst critics. We tear ourselves down before anyone else does, convinced that the world sees only the bad in us. How often have you talked yourself out of something you truly wanted, because you felt you didn’t deserve it? Whether it’s wearing a certain outfit you didn’t feel confident in or a job that you didn’t go after or a friendship you didn’t pursue. 

Your dreams are not too big. You deserve the beautiful, healthy, abundant life you crave. But if you are telling yourself that you are not enough — not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not whatever enough — your limiting beliefs will create your reality. These limiting beliefs are holding you back from the wonderful life you’re seeking. 

Shifting your mindset is difficult, but imperative. Changing your negative inner dialogue to positive self-talk can make a world of difference. Empower yourself to live courageously. Instead of thinking about all the reasons something can’t happen, start telling yourself “I got this!”

How to practice

Now that you know this shift is the first step to living fearlessly and breaking free, I am going to give you a clear “how to” change your mindset: Stand up to your inner bully. I mean it! When that voice inside you says you can’t achieve something, you can’t leave a comfortable but unhealthy situation, that you have to live with your unhappiness forever, challenge it! 

By confronting those negative thoughts head-on, you can evaluate whether there’s truth to what your inner bully is saying, or if it’s merely your fears playing out inside your head. More often than not, our negative self-talk is really just our fears coming alive. 

When you are committed to aligning your mind+soul+body, you confront those fears head on and learn to talk kindly and generously with yourself. By believing in yourself and standing up to your inner bully, you can transform your inner and outer worlds. 

Make sure you’re surrounded by positive friends

I know what you’re saying. I thought this was about me, Mitsou. And it is! Everything in my how to change your mindset guide is about you, releasing you to live freely and authentically in the world. However, your friends have a big impact on your life.

If your friends are positive, happy people, they are going to reflect that energy to you and share in your triumphs. If your friends are caught in a circle of negativity, you may find that your social interactions are dragged down by pessimism, petty gossip, or unhealthy competition. 

It’s important to have a positive circle of friends that can act as an echo chamber for your life. As you bring positive, healthy thoughts to your friend group, they will reflect those thoughts back. And you can do the same for them. 

Of course, there will be times when people are going through hard times. I am not suggesting you ditch your friends during their struggles! I was not always a happy and positive person through divorce and reorienting my life. However, it is important to consider if one person (or more) are constantly draining you. If you find yourself unhappy and depleted after spending time with your friends, it’s time to get a new tribe. 

When you have people in your life that reflect your values and desire for personal growth, your own progress is slingshotted forward. Seek out people who share your values, whether that’s at networking and social events, online groups, or other social places. As you begin to change your mindset and bad habits, it will become easier to connect with others. 

How to practice

It can be intimidating to make new friends as an adult. You can get started by affirming your own power before social interactions. You deserve happy, healthy friendships and you have the capacity to be such a friend. When you empower yourself to live freely and courageously, you attract others who are doing the same.

If you know you are going to be in a social situation like a work event or a party, try focusing on encouraging self-talk beforehand. Open yourself to the possibility that interactions can be meaningful and positive, that you might meet people who become true friends. Think about the positive qualities you have and celebrate these aspects of yourself. You have positive energy inside you and will find it in others as well. You will find people that enrich your life.

Be grateful

We have all heard that gratitude is important. But when you truly embrace living more consciously and having gratitude for everything, your life is never the same. Expressing gratitude can have a powerful impact on your friends, family, people you interact with, and most importantly, yourself. 

By taking nothing for granted and feeling appreciation for even the small stuff, you are able to find joy in every moment of your life, from your body’s ability to take a walk around the neighborhood to the blooming flowers you see on the way to work. 

Gratitude not only increases our happiness, it also builds our emotional resilience. By following my how to change your mindset steps, I am not guaranteeing that you will never face adversity again. Sometimes, tough things happen. However, by being grateful we have the ability to stay in the moment, continue to appreciate even small blessings, and better handle the tough stuff.

How to practice

Here’s a simple practice that you can start today: Keep a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to be a fancy, leatherbound diary you bought off Etsy. It can be a notebook that you have laying around. What your gratitude journal looks like, what your handwriting looks like, if you spell words wrong, if your grammar isn’t perfect, none of that matters. 

What matters is that you spend time to write down things you’re grateful for. For example, try writing down 5 things you’re grateful for every night before you go to sleep. These can be big, small, or anywhere in-between. This is your journal, so make it work for you. If it’s easier to write in the mornings or on your lunch break or you want to start with 3 things instead of 5, that’s fine. 

When you start writing down what you’re grateful for, incredible things start happening. Psychologists have found that keeping a gratitude journal can lead to fewer symptoms of illness, better sleep, and more happiness. 

Quiet your mind

When we talk about how to change your mindset and habits, it’s impossible to leave out the chatter that goes on in your mind. I started this blog by stressing the importance of positive self-talk, which is absolutely true! It’s also true that many of us have so much stress and worry that we find our minds constantly churning. 

Our busy minds prevent us from quieting down, being truly present in the moment, and letting go. I know, as a working professional, how hard it is to let go and meditate. There’s a to-do list a mile long and always something else to remember. 

But if you don’t take the time to quiet your mind through meditation, journaling, yoga, or other contemplative practices, you will be physically and emotionally unwell. Your mind needs a break! I encourage you to try meditation. The experience of quieting your mind is an important part of realigning your mind+body+soul. 

How to practice

If you have an anxious or overactive brain, you’re not alone! There are many guided meditations or soothing music options on YouTube. Try playing a simple ten-minute video to start. There is no “right” way to meditate, as long as you are attempting to quiet your mind. Try your best not to overthink it. Focus on stillness and quieting your mind. You may find you relish these quiet moments as a break in your otherwise hectic day. 

The how to change your mindset steps are simple to understand, but challenging to execute. Starting these steps and breaking old habits of negativity, unhealthiness, and routine can be difficult. I know, I’ve been there myself! I also know that you can do it. 

You have the power to change your mindset, break free of bad habits, and create the life you want. Take that first step today. For entrepreneurs and working professionals looking to take that first step, I am offering a Free Breakthrough Call! Let’s talk about how you can live a whole, integrated, and fulfilled life. 


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